Tulus Concert in Bandung Canceled by Police, COVID-19 Task Force Due to Permit Issues

- 31 March 2022 20:07 WIB
A concert with a gathering crowd (Unsplash/Lukas Bato)
A concert with a gathering crowd (Unsplash/Lukas Bato)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - The visitors of Soundsfest 2022 at Critical Bandung on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, had to deal with an unpleasant experience.

The disappointment was unavoidable when the concert came to be halted by the COVID-19 Task Force of Bandung City and the police.

The visitors were forced to give up their time and opportunity to watch their idol, Tulus, as the concert has been known not to hold any permit.

The organizers of Soundsfest 2022 apologized amid the dismay of the audience. "I want to apologize for the disappointment of all the audience. The team has tried our best and is eager to satisfy the audience, we sincerely apologize," said one of the event organizers.

One of the audience expressed his frustration interrupted the concert organizer's statement. "Where is your responsibility?" said one visitor.

Responding to visitors' concerns, the organizer conveyed the results of the mediation. "After we discuss and mediate with your representatives, we ask for your understanding. It is against our will to end up disappointing the audience," said a representative of the organizers, as quoted by prfmnews.id from the video on the TikTok account @unarahmaa.

The organizers ensure that they will refund the money within a specific deadline. "We can't say much here, we just want to make sure that the refund will be distributed soon. But it is impossible to do so tonight," said the representative.

One of the audience representatives also said that there had been discussions regarding the refund of tickets that the audience had paid.

"Regarding ticket refunds, there must be regulations from the Soundsfest promoter. The representative from tiketapasaja.com also has to hold a meeting on regulating our refunds here," said the audience representative, as quoted from the TikTok account @unarahmaa.

The representative emphasized that they asked the organizers to refund the tickets entirely within the next 30 days at most. "We have put forward one point in common — that the money must still be refunded 100 percent, and we ask for a maximum of 30 days to return our money," they said.

The article was translated from Pikiran-Rakyat.com's article titled "Konser Tulus di Bandung Dibubarkan, Panitia: Mohon Pahami Posisi Kami".
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Editor: Djauhari Effendi


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