Indonesian Health Ministry Issues the Requirements for 2022 Eid Homecoming

- 25 March 2022 16:01 WIB
Illustration. Mufid Majnun/Unsplash
Illustration. Mufid Majnun/Unsplash

JAKARTADAILY.ID - The government has issued the latest regulations regarding health protocols for Ramadan and Eid in 2022.

President Joko Widodo announced that this year's Eid homecoming, locally known as 'mudik', has been allowed, on the condition that the public already takes booster vaccines shots.

To make it easier for travelers to fulfill the requirements, the Ministry of Health will prepare a Covid-19 vaccination service at several homecoming routes so people can get a booster dose before traveling to their hometown.

"If they want to get a vaccine boost shot, the Ministry of Transportation will prepare places for free vaccination in public transport facilities and several posts where people can get a booster injection immediately before traveling," said Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin at a conference press on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

As quoted by from, Budi reminded that the third dose of vaccine is one of the requirements for traveling, with the aim to protect the elderly who get in contact with travelers.

"If the vaccination has not been completed, the impact will be negative, especially for the elderlies. They will get visited by their children and grandchildren during Eid, lest our good intention doesn't turn to cause harms to those who are being visited," Budi said.

Budi said travelers who have just received the second dose must attach a negative antigen test result. Whereas, those who have just received the first dose must attach a negative PCR test result.

"If you already got booster shot, you don't need to get tested. Then it will make it easier for later on the homecoming trip," he said.

Also for the technical checking of the people's conditions, the Minister of Health would require the PeduliLindungi application for those who travel using public transportations.

Meanwhile, random inspections of the homecoming routes will be carried out for travelers with private vehicles.

Budi said that the issuance of the Eid homecoming permit was inseparable from President Jokowi's intention for Moslems in Indonesia being able to celebrate Ramadan and Eid in a nearly normal condition, after during the previous two years they had not been given any ease to conduct such activities.

"Praise be to God, the conditions are possible now, so the President decided to provide broad opportunities for Moslems to perform Ramadan worship and celebrate Eid al-Fitr as well as possible," he said.

The article was translated from's article titled "Menkes: Syarat Mudik Lebaran 2022 Sudah Vaksin Booster, Dua Kali Dosis Wajib, dan Negatif Antigen".
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Editor: Djauhari Effendi


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