The Indonesian 'Tinder Swindler' Lures Victims with iPhone and Fake Story about His Fortune

- 16 March 2022 20:20 WIB
Indonesian Tinder Swindler ((Twitter @malamtanpakata))
Indonesian Tinder Swindler ((Twitter @malamtanpakata))

JAKARTADAILY.ID - A man who claimed to be ultra-wealthy and told the story about his fortune to several women has gone viral on Twitter. This occurrence got likened to the Netflix series 'Tinder Swindler', which tells a story of a man using an app to deceive female victims.

As for the 'Indonesian Tinder Swindler', the man, allegedly named James Daniel Sinaga, is said to have deceived many victims.

"Twitter please do your magic. Be careful of this Indonesian version of Tinder Swindler. I don't know to whom should I share this story. I was totally deceived by this person. Does anyone know [him]? Or is someone a victim too?" wrote Twitter account @nightwithoutkata.

The man is said to have texted his victim, telling stories like he owns a lot of factories and often spends hundreds of millions shopping.

"In Bandung, there are garment-textile factories [which I own] in 4 locations with a total of 22 thousand employees. The rest are franchises [which employ] around 500 people from Starbucks, Sushitei, iBox, Chattime, etc.," said James.

"Your man is a Power Ranger. So, no wonder if I spend hundreds of millions shopping for a week," he added.

In addition, the man had also offered an iPhone 12 to the victims.

"Do you have any of Apple products? If you don't have any, I will give you an iPhone 12 Pro Max, there a still a few units in the factory store, usually, I give them to employees as sales rewards," said James. However, the victims were asked to only pay the taxes to James.

"He then offered to give a unit from iBox grand opening he claimed to have by only paying the tax [to him]," tweeted @malamwithoutwords.

The victim then said that the man later asked her for a favor to send him some cash.

"He said to return the transferred cash when he arrives. He also said that he often travels to Batam and Bandung," @malamwithoutwords later said in the viral tweet.

It turns out that a man named James often changes names to several people, from James Daniel Sinaga, Dani Ramdhani, to Bella.

"He said that to be born in Bandung, and claims to have a brother named Jonathan Sinaga who is studying abroad," the tweet said.

"He introduces his name as James Daniel Sinaga. But he sent messages to different people under a different name," she said, quoted by via Twitter @malamwithoutkata, Tuesday, March 15, 2022.


Editor: Djauhari Effendi


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