Vanessa Khong to Lose Assets That Are Proven to be Related to Indra Kenz's Fraud Case

- 11 March 2022 00:25 WIB
Vanessa Khong & Indra Kenz ((
Vanessa Khong & Indra Kenz ((

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Indra Kesuma or Indra Kenz, who is popularly known as the Crazy Rich from Medan, has been officially detained as a suspect in a fraud case under the guise of Binomo trading.

Apart from confiscating assets owned by Indra Kenz, the police have also interrogated Indra's girlfriend named Vanessa Khong.

Vanessa came to the Indonesian Police headquarters (Mabes Polri) with the status as a witness related to the case that ensnared her boyfriend. Vanessa reportedly once received Rp 2 billion from Indra Kenz and went on vacation to Turkey.

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Aside from that, Indra and Vanessa have just finished a building to be used as a business office, consisting of several floors. Inside are Vanessa's business, her mother's, as well as Indra's YouTube studio.

According to the police, all of Vanessa Khong's assets which are proven to be funded with Indra Kenz's allegedly fraudulent acts will all be confiscated and handed over to the investigators.

"The crime of money laundering is an extraordinary crime, meaning an act of committing an extraordinary offense. Investigators have to be clever in this, and I'm sure the Criminal Investigation Unit is able to trace the money flow, the source and where it went to. If it's from Indra Kenz, the police won't hesitate to confiscate it, whoever accepts it," said legal expert Firman, Chandra, as quoted by from Intens Investigasi YouTube channel on Thursday.

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"In money laundering, there are always active and passive [suspects] as stated in Law No. 8 of 2010. There is an active suspect, whereas the passive might mean his relatives, girlfriend, or future in-laws, neighbors, or even the suspect's parents."

"The flow of funds has to be checked on, whether through bank transactions, or it could be in the form of purchases, movable goods, or immovable goods. It's just a matter of tracing the source of the money whether it is from the proceeds of money laundering, or from the inheritance of his parents, the police must be able to sort it out," Firman said.

The victims of the fraud case allegedly have suffered losses of up to Rp20 billion, which caused those victims to go into frustration and even want to commit suicide.

"I act as the attorney for the victims of Binomo, Olymp Trade, as well as of Cotex, I brought the victim of Binomo, whose affiliate is Ika, with a loss of approximately Rp 20 billion," said Finsensius Mendrofa, as the attorney of the victims.

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