Reviewing Postponement of 2024 Election and Jokowi's Response

- 07 March 2022 23:08 WIB
Joko Widodo. (Wikimedia Commons/Office of the President of Indonesia)
Joko Widodo. (Wikimedia Commons/Office of the President of Indonesia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - According to a survey by the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), a majority of Indonesians have expressed their satisfaction with the performance of President Jokowi (Joko Widodo).

The result of the survey suggests that 66.3 percent of Indonesians are very satisfied with President Jokowi's performance, and only 29.9 percent are not satisfied or very dissatisfied.

LSI's survey employed a phone call method to reach out to respondents. Further, respondents were randomly generated from a random sample of a face-to-face survey collection conducted by LSI from March 2018 to June 2021.

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A total of 296,982 respondents throughout Indonesia has participated in a face-to-face interview in the last three years.

On average, 71 percent of the respondents have phone numbers, while the number of samples randomly generated for a phone call was 12,613 data, and 1,197 respondents were interviewed within the survey duration.

With an assumption sampling method, the base sample size was 1,197 respondents with a margin of error (MoE) of ±2.89 percent at a 95 percent confidence level.

The survey's sample is proportionally distributed and comes from all provinces in Indonesia. In addition, the survey represents 71 percent of the national voting population.

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Responding to the LSI survey's results is the PDIP Secretary-General Hasto Kristyanto, who said it was a clear sign for President Jokowi to continue the legacy he has achieved this far, such as the successful implementation of both national and international sports events from PON XX in Papua to 2018 ASIAN Games and even infrastructure development.

In his eyes, Jokowi has succeeded in building Indonesia with a resilient economy, dealing with foreign pressure, and exhibiting Indonesia's leadership on the international stage.

Hasto added that the ideas circulating among the elites of political parties that Jokowi must continue his leadership are due to the people's satisfaction with the president's work.

However, both Hasto and PDIP gave counterproductive answers. Positive receptions from the public surrounding Jokowi's leadership must not be interpreted as an effort to expand power, he said.

Instead of interpreting it as extending power of the current running regime, Jokowi must make sure to continue and filter which policies are deemed as good as well as would likely to have been successfully implemented in the next presidential administration.


Editor: Djauhari Effendi


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