Indonesian Police Names Indra Kenz as Suspect in Binomo Fraud Case

- 25 February 2022 22:12 WIB
Lady Justice illustration. (Unsplash/Tingey Injury Law Firm)
Lady Justice illustration. (Unsplash/Tingey Injury Law Firm)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - The Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, stated that Indra Kesuma alias Indra Kenz was officially declared a suspect in the alleged Binomo fraud case.

"After the title, investigators named IK (Indra Kenz) as a suspect," Ramadhan told reporters, Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Previously, the public had been confused by a number of confusing reports regarding the status of Indra Kenz. Initially, a Notice of Investigation Commencement (Surat Pemberitahuan Dimulainya Penyidikan, SPDP) was circulated, claimed to have been submitted by investigators to the Indonesian Attorney General's Office.

Head of the Legal Information Center of the Indonesian Attorney General's Office, Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak, said that the SPDP was issued by investigators from the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Indonesian National Police (Direktorat Tindak Pidana Ekonomi Khusus Badan Reserse Kriminal Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia, Dittipideksus Bareskrim POLRI) on February 21, 2022.

"SPDP from the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Indonesian National Police (states the case about) Online Gambling and/or Spreading of Fake News (Hoax) through Electronic Media and/or Fraud/Cheating and/or Money Laundering Crimes on behalf of suspect IK," Eben said as quoted by, Thursday 24 February 2022.

However, the Attorney General's Office recently corrected the statement, insisting that said Indra Kenz was still a reported person. Despite the correction, after being questioned at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit from 13.30 to 20.10 WIB, Indra Kenz was finally named a suspect.

According to Ahmad Ramadhan, after the examination, investigators concluded the case and named Indra as a suspect in the Binomo case.

"After being determined as a suspect, investigators will make arrests and will immediately (put him in detention)," he said.

Indra Kenz was reported in the case of an alleged criminal act of fraud on the Binomo application. The report is dated February 3, 2022. A total of eight people who became victims reported the application owner and a number of Binomo application affiliates, including Indra Kenz.

After conducting an investigation, the Dittipideksus Bareskrim POLRI also found a criminal element in the case. Now, the case related to Binomo has entered the investigation stage.

Police Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan said that during the investigation, there were allegations of online gambling crimes and/or spreading false news or hoaxes through electronic media and/or fraudulent acts of fraud and/or money laundering.

Indra Kenz had time to provide clarification and apologies to the aggrieved parties for the binary options content on his social media.

In a post on the Instagram account @indrakenz, on the evening of February 17, 2022, Indra also expressed his willingness to cooperate and follow the ongoing legal process.

"On this occasion, allow me to express my apologies to those who feel aggrieved because of the binary options content that I have uploaded," Indra wrote.


Editor: Djauhari Effendi

Source: Pikiran Rakyat


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