PRMN, Promedia's Rapid Growth Impresses Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka

- 17 February 2022 00:27 WIB
Gibran with PRMN CEO. (PR Solo Raya Dok./PR Solo Raya)
Gibran with PRMN CEO. (PR Solo Raya Dok./PR Solo Raya)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - CEO of PT Kolaborasi Mediapreneur Nusantara (Pikiran Rakyat Media Network or PRMN), Agus Sulistriyono introduced PRMN and Promedia Teknologi Indonesia to the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka on Monday, February 14, 2022.

On that occasion, Agus Sulistriyono was accompanied by Chief Editor of Pikiran Rakyat, Chief Business Operations of Promedia Teknologi Indonesia, Dadang Hermawan, Chief Editor of, Inung R. Sulistyo, and Chief Editor of, Heru Fajar.

The Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, welcomed the PRMN team casually in the mayor's meeting room at around 14.30 Western Indonesian Time.

CEO Agus started the dialogue by introducing PRMN and Promedia Teknologi Indonesia to Gibran.

"Currently, there are more than 200 portals in the regions partnering with PRMN. Meanwhile, for Promedia, there are almost 350 online media that we are collaborating with," said Agus, who is also the CEO of Promedia Teknologi Indonesia, quoted by Kabar Besuki from the

Not only that, but Agus also explained the principles of joint economics promoted by PRMN and Promedia. Instead of being controlled by a few people, PRMN and Promedia aim to create new entrepreneurs in the digital media industry.

Partners simply focus on editorial and content creation in PRMN and Promedia ecosystem. Meanwhile, the technology infrastructure, HR training, and business plans will be provided, free of charge, by PRMN and Promedia.

This strategy has proven to be effective in bringing as the leading portal in the PRMN network to become the top online media in the country. Referring to the Alexa rating agency, PRMN managed to rank second for the news portal category within two years.

PRMN and Promedia have also produced hundreds of new media entrepreneurs (mediapreneurs) from Aceh to Papua. Hundreds of media companies have opened up jobs for tens of thousands of content creators.

"We do not give any conditions. Unemployed, college students, to housewives, what important is literacy and the will to learn. We teach them to become content creators," Agus said.

Furthermore, Agus also mentioned that PRMN has a free advertising program for SMEs in the regions. The program has been running for a year, intending to help the economic recovery during the pandemic.

"We convey it to our partners in each region. If there are SMEs, we'll help promote it for free. There is no charge at all," he told Gibran.

Hearing the explanation from Agus, Gibran admitted that he was amazed by the rapid growth of the PRMN and Promedia networks. He did not expect PRMN to have occupied the second position in the Alexa ranking system.

"I just found out that I had beaten other big media outlets," the CEO said.


Editor: M. A. Wahad

Source: Pikiran Rakyat


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