Story of How Thariq Halilintar Proposes to Fuji: Romantic Dinner and Most Special Birthday Gift

- 14 February 2022 17:20 WIB
Picture of Fuji and Thariq. (Instagram/@fuji_an)
Picture of Fuji and Thariq. (Instagram/@fuji_an)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Thariq Halilintar and Fujianti Utami Putri (Fuji) are indeed two people that are currently often highlighted by netizens.

Now it is as if Thariq Halilintar and Fuji come as a romantic package. Whenever there's an event, they're always seen together.

The intimacy between Thariq Halilintar and Fuji is often discussed on TV or social media. In addition, they often make content together on YouTube and catch the attention of many viewers.

Not many know how Thariq Halilintar proposed to Fuji. As reported by from Take It Or Leave It's YouTube channel, this is the romantic story of how Thariq Halilintar proposed to Fuji.

At first, Thariq Halilintar contacted Fuji's manager to meet her for dinner.

They were in Bandung then, and Fuji originally wanted to go home quickly after finishing work.

Their meeting was deliberately set at night by Thariq Halilintar because he prepared a candlelight dinner.

"Well, so the day has passed, right. The dinner is already set up, the candle is already set [too]. Flower petals have already specially strewn, too," said Thariq.

The candlelight dinner was held on a rooftop. When Fuji walked up the stairs, a romantic scene with sprinkling flower petals accompanied each step.

In addition to the flower petals, Thariq Halilintrar prepared fireworks from under the hotel. The fireworks were specially designed in anticipation of Fuji's response to Thariq Halilintar's proposal.

"Yes, there were fireworks. From the [hotel's ground floor], because we are on the rooftop," said Thariq.

"If I say yes..." said Fuji.

"If you say yes, those fireworks, lit-up, will fly up," Thariq replied.

Fuji said that Thariq Halilintar first asked about what she thinks about starting a relationship.


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Source: Pikiran Rakyat


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