Net89 Trading Robot Customers Demand Refund

- 07 February 2022 14:46 WIB
 Check out the explanation of what a forex trading robot is which was later blocked by the Ministry of Trade. (PEXELS/weekendplayer)
Check out the explanation of what a forex trading robot is which was later blocked by the Ministry of Trade. (PEXELS/weekendplayer)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Several Net89 trading robot customers have requested a refund after the sealing of PT DNA Pro Akademi's operation, selling expert advisors/robot trading.

Previously, the General Director of Consumer Protection and Orderly Commerce (PKTN) and the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) have sealed the operation of PT DNA Pro Akademik.

Ferry Tambunan, a member of the Net89 trading robot, said, initially, the management of the Net89 trading robot was committed to returning its funds on February 2, 2022. Not only that, the management was even committed to resolving legality issues shortly.

"Unfortunately, until now the promise has not been kept. Funds are still being held in the Net89 trading robot application," Tambunan said Thursday, February 4, 2022.

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Several other members also shared this statement, such as Muklas and Heri. "Until now it has not been returned, but we believe in the management's commitment," said Muklas to calm himself down.

Muklas is luckier compared to other customers because he is one of the millions of members still on profits.

Muklas admitted depositing a considerable capital of Rp 100 million. "Had won up to 700 million, but lost again up to 500 million. But I still have 100 million before this operation is sealed," he said.

Previously, the CEO of PT Simbiotik Multitalenta Indonesia (PT SMI/Net89), Andreas Andreyanto, gave a statement via the Money Wells Official Youtube channel.

In the video, the CEO of Net89 said that the company is currently supporting programs from the government amid rampant unclear fraudulent investments and the rise of frauds using trading robots, forex investments, and so on.

Because of this issue, Andreas added that the company is currently trying to comply with the rules and regulations in Indonesia.

Moreover, Net89's CEO tried to reassure its members and addressed the company as "a secure and large company with enormous assets everywhere."

The CEO also added that the office will continue to operate as usual. If anyone wants to meet him, they can come to the office in Jakarta.

Andreas also said there was no need to worry and said the company would carry out a "refund process for customers."


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Source: Pikiran Rakyat


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