Covid-19 Storms Liga 1 Indonesia, Dozens of Players Are Tested Positive

- 02 February 2022 17:36 WIB
COVID-19 update in Indonesia.  ((Pixabay/21saturday))
COVID-19 update in Indonesia. ((Pixabay/21saturday))

JAKARTADAILY.ID - In the midst of the BRI Liga 1 Indonesia title match, the Covid-19 'storm' hit. A total of 52 players from 12 teams were reported positive for the Coronavirus.

In addition to dozens of players, as many as 16 officials from the 12 teams participating in this highest soccer league in Indonesia were reported positive for Corona as well.

"In total, there are 52 players and 16 officials from 12 teams," said Alfan on Tuesday.

Alfan also said that dozens of players and team officials who were positive for Corona were generally asymptomatic.

He stated that the healing time from exposure to the Coronavirus is different from one player to another. According to him, athletes usually recover from the Coronavirus within three to five days.

Alfan mentioned that the task force is currently monitoring the Liga 1 participants who were positively exposed to the Coronavirus.

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He said, the isolation places for players and also team officials who are positive covid, quarantine places were provided in the areas of Ubud and Kuta.

"Isolation places are provided in the Ubud and Kuta areas," he said, as reported by Antara.

He said, his team would conduct regular swab tests in addition to conducting the bubble system.

Due to the Covid-19 'storm', the match between Madura United vs. Persipura, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 1, 2022, was postponed by PT Liga Indonesia Baru.

It was stated that Madura United has reportedly less than 14 players. Therefore, based on an emergency meeting, the match cannot be held.

This was conveyed directly by the Director of Operations of PT Liga Indonesia Baru, Sudjarno.

The article was translated from's article titled "'Badai' Covid-19 Terjang Liga 1, Puluhan Pemain Positif Corona".


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