Rising Demand for Sacrificial Animals as Eid al-Adha 2023 Approaches, Prices Increase in Indonesia

- 29 May 2023 17:29 WIB
Goats for sale at the Animal Market in Ciamis, West Java.
Goats for sale at the Animal Market in Ciamis, West Java.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – As Eid al-Adha 1444 H approaches, the demand for livestock, particularly sheep and goats, is gradually increasing. This trend is evident at the Ciamis Animal Market, the largest livestock market in Tatar Galuh Ciamis, where the atmosphere on Sunday, May 28, 2023, was bustling with seasonal traders and buyers seeking sacrificial animals.

Dozens of sheep were seen tied to bamboo stakes, ranging from large to smaller sizes. Traders and buyers were engaged in busy transactions. The surge in demand has resulted in a price hike for sacrificial animals, with an average increase of IDR 500,000 per head. It is anticipated that prices will continue to rise as Eid al-Adha approaches.

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Yudi, a 40-year-old sheep trader from Mekarjadi, Sadananya District, shared his insights on the situation, saying, "Buying and selling transactions are getting busier. Generally, those who buy are seasonal traders, selling sheep every time before Eid al-Adha. They buy now because the price is still affordable, but it will be more expensive later. Two weeks before Eid al-Adha, prices will definitely increase again."

Yudi further revealed that the price of large sheep, previously priced at Rp 3.5 million, has risen to Rp 4 million, while smaller sheep, originally priced at Rp 2.5 million, now reach Rp 3 million. However, the price can vary based on agreements between sellers and buyers.

"The current price for sheep is Rp 4 million, and it can reach Rp 4.5 - Rp 5 million closer to Eid al-Adha. The prices for smaller sizes are also adjusted accordingly. Buyers come not only from Ciamis but also from Cirebon and Majalengka," Yudi explained.

Yudi estimated that the demand for sheep for the upcoming sacrifice during Eid al-Adha 1444 H would increase, albeit not as much as last year. He attributed the previous year's high demand to many cows falling ill, leading people to opt for sheep or goats instead. However, the situation has improved this year.

"At that time, many cows were sick, so people switched to sheep or goats. Sheep sales saw a significant increase. This year, the increase will still occur, but probably not to the extent seen last year," Yudi noted.

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Endang, another sheep trader, echoed a similar sentiment. He predicted that the demand for sacrificial sheep this year would not be as high as in 2022. Nonetheless, traders remain optimistic about the increasing demand for lamb for sacrificial purposes.

"In the past, there were many sick cows, but now there are no diseases. The market for sheep will grow, although not as much as before. We are optimistic that the demand for sacrificial animals will continue to rise," Endang expressed.

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