Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo Commits to Advancing Sports, Football Welfare, and Supporter Management

- 26 May 2023 19:33 WIB
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo held a meeting with PSTI and several U22 National Team athletes from Central Java.
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo held a meeting with PSTI and several U22 National Team athletes from Central Java.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, has expressed his commitment to promoting the world of sports, particularly football, by focusing on improving the welfare of athletes and implementing supporter management that prioritizes humanity.

This dedication was emphasized during a dinner event with the Indonesian National Team Supporters Association (PSTI) and U22 national team players from Central Java at Puri Gedeh, Semarang, on Thursday evening, May 25, 2023.

"I am delighted to receive input from PSTI for the advancement of sports, especially football. It is crucial to have the cooperation of all stakeholders in order to elevate this sport that is beloved by the Indonesian people. Therefore, I am committed to supporting the programs and the endeavors of my fellow supporters," stated Ganjar.

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Ignatius Indro, the General Chairman of PSTI, expressed the organization's request for support from all parties, including Ganjar Pranowo, to ensure the safety and comfort of supporters through education for match officials and grassroots supporters.

"We already have a Sports Law, and it is essential to promptly establish derivative regulations so that all stakeholders can work together in educating the grassroots. We are confident that Mr. Ganjar, as a football enthusiast, will support our efforts to achieve security and comfort guarantees in the near future," Indro emphasized.

Abe Tanditasik, the Secretary General of PSTI, praised Ganjar Pranowo for his objectivity and understanding of sports issues, acknowledging the importance of the government's involvement.

"Mas Ganjar demonstrates great objectivity in addressing sports issues, ranging from athlete welfare to supporter management that needs reorganization. He will also encourage private sector involvement to enhance sports quality in a modern and professional manner, leading to accelerated achievements," Abe remarked.

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Brian Matthew, the General Treasurer of PSTI, expressed optimism about the meeting with Ganjar Pranowo and highlighted plans to involve academics in conducting research on professional and modern sports development.

"Pak Ganjar warmly welcomed our input regarding the engagement of academics in sports development research, including the development of sports science. This will ensure that our athletes are equipped with the necessary tools to excel in the future," said Brian, who also serves as the Deputy Chancellor II of UTA'45 Jakarta.

The commitment and support from Governor Ganjar Pranowo towards advancing sports, improving athlete welfare, and implementing effective supporter management signify a significant step towards elevating the world of football in Central Java and fostering a positive environment for supporters and athletes alike.

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