Visitor Restrictions to Borobudur Temple to Be Implemented for Preservation, Says Minister Erick Thohir

- 26 May 2023 19:23 WIB
Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir speaking to the press.
Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir speaking to the press.

"In Journey is here as a solution to maintain the balance of Borobudur," affirmed Erick, referring to the role of PT PWC.

Economic Potential and Community Benefits

During the briefing, Erick was accompanied by the Deputy Chairperson of the National Waisak Committee, Karuna Murdaya, and representatives from PT PWC, the managers of Borobudur.

Expressing gratitude for Erick's support, Karuna Murdaya highlighted that Borobudur Temple holds not only sacred significance for Buddhists but also possesses immense potential in driving the Indonesian economy and benefiting the surrounding community.

"With 42 percent of Southeast Asia's population being Buddhists, we hope this will increase traffic to Borobudur Temple and have a significant impact on society," stated Karuna.

Approaching the Full Moon Festival, Karuna noted that hotels and homestays around Borobudur are already fully booked. Even the 4,500 lanterns to be released during the pinnacle of the procession have been sold out.

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Karuna further mentioned that despite visitor restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the Vesak celebration still saw a peak of 430,000 visitors. With the lifting of pandemic restrictions this year, an increase in the number of visitors is anticipated.

"We aim to revitalize Borobudur Temple as the center of world Buddhist history," Karuna expressed.

Banthe Dhamavudho Thera, a Buddhist monk, stated that his party has been working with PT PWC since 2016. He expressed hope that the proposed changes to Borobudur Temple would attract more Buddhists from around the world, thereby providing economic benefits to the surrounding community, including innkeepers, culinary establishments, and souvenir vendors.

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