Indonesian Air Force's Jupiter Aerobatic Team Mesmerizes Belitung Island with Spectacular Aerial Maneuvers

- 17 May 2023 16:27 WIB
The Indonesian Air Force's Jupiter Aerobatic Team flying in formation above Belitung Island.
The Indonesian Air Force's Jupiter Aerobatic Team flying in formation above Belitung Island.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Indonesian Air Force's Jupiter Aerobatic Team once again displayed their captivating maneuvers. Jupiter, which stands for "Juru Pilih Terbang", performed aerial stunts in the skies of Belitung Island using KT-1B Wong Bee aircraft.

Led by Danlanud Adi Sucipto, First Marshal of TNI Dedy Susanto, the team's arrival at the H.AS Hanandjoeddin Airbase Baseops on Monday, May 15, 2023, drew the attention of local residents.

This visit serves as a stopover before the Jupiter Aerobatic Team participates in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) event in Langkawi, Malaysia, from May 23 to 27.

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Upon their arrival, the team was welcomed by Flight Lieutenant Colonel Luky Indrawan from Danlanud H.AS Hanandjoeddin, Deputy Regent of Belitung Isyak Meirobie, Major Arm Kesatria Gurusinga from the Military Division 0414/Belitung, Belitung Police Chief AKBP Didik Subiyakto, East Belitung Police Chief AKBP Arif Kurniatan, and several invited guests.

Marsma TNI Dedy Susanto explained that the team consisted of 14 pilots and a crew of 34 members.

During the event, the Jupiter Aerobatic Team showcased 12 different maneuvers within a 15-minute timeframe.

For those curious about their performances, they can be viewed on the Jupiter Aerobatic Team's YouTube channel or Instagram, as there are additional aerial maneuvers yet to be presented.

Marsma TNI Dedy added that the team would continue their journey to the cities of Palembang, Tanjungpinang, and Medan.

He stated, "And there will be one or two maneuvers that we will carry out in Tanjungpandan," as reported by the TNI Information Center on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

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Deputy Regent of Belitung, Isyak Meirobie, expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Air Force's Jupiter Aerobatic Team (JAT).

He mentioned that the team's presence, led by Marsma TNI Dedy Susanto, was like a dream come true for the people of Belitung.

Previously, they had only been able to watch the pride of the Indonesian Air Force and Indonesia through television and social media.


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