OJK Affirms Regent Nina Agustina's Decisive Steps to Dismantle Bad Credit Scandal at BPR KR Indramayu

- 15 May 2023 13:55 WIB
Indramayu Regent Nina Agustina.
Indramayu Regent Nina Agustina.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Regent Nina Agustina's decisive steps to dismantle the bad credit scandal at BPR KR Indramayu have received support from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The OJK has stated that the firm stance taken by the Regent has exposed the illegal practice of Rp255 billion in bad loans at BPR KR and has become a momentum to reverse society's paradigm.

Rizal Ramadhani, Deputy Commissioner for Legal and Investigation of OJK, stated that the problem of bad credit experienced by BPR KR Indramayu was actually an ordinary banking problem.

However, the OJK discovered this dark practice of credit fraud in 2013, and care must be taken to separate when financial embezzlement actually occurred.

Rizal also emphasized the importance of segregating the period to avoid mixing up the handling that is being carried out.

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The OJK considers the step taken by the Regent to be appropriate, even though it was a risk because her actions coincided with the arrival of the political year.

Rizal further stated, "Ms. Nina just got the sap because she is a political official, and (dare to dismantle) at the same time in the political year.

But this is the momentum to reverse the people's paradigm that the presence of Nina's mother (becoming regent) in Indramayu is to clean up dark practices at BPR KR so far."

The OJK understands the Regent's concern that the problem of fraud at BPR KR Indramayu will be mixed up by APH and DPRD.

Fraud can be interpreted as an act of deviation or omission that is deliberately carried out to trick, deceive, or manipulate the Bank, customers, or other parties.

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