David Ozora's Father Provides Updates on His Son Who Was Beaten and Abused by Mario Dandy

- 29 March 2023 18:19 WIB
David or Cristalino David Ozora, the victim of a beating who is still lying in the hospital. (Photo: Instagram @tidvrberjalan)
David or Cristalino David Ozora, the victim of a beating who is still lying in the hospital. (Photo: Instagram @tidvrberjalan)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – This morning, on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, Jonathan Latumahina, father of Cristalino David Ozora, shared the condition of his son who was the victim of a beating by Mario Dandy.

Through his Instagram account, @tidvrwalk, Jonathan uploaded a photo of when David was healthy. The father commented on the photo, saying his son was skinny but strong.

“And your struggle to get back what you once had. It doesn't have to be all back but you have us, intact as ever," wrote Jonathan.

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Then Jonathan recalled David's struggle to recover after the severe abuse that was carried out by the suspect Mario Dandy Satriyo and his friends. It started when David was declared in a coma with GCS 3 status until the medical records stated diffuse axonal injury stage 2.

"I am a witness, someone who stayed you from the seizures for 3 days until you got up on your two feet. I witness you," wrote one of the leaders of the Anshor Youth Movement.

Then he added, “Today is the day to fight. You must win, just like before. They will be crushed, as before," he said.

Jonathan also asked David to give respectful greetings and thanks to everyone who has been praying for his recovery so far.

“One day you will convey your respect and gratitude to all those who prayed for you, there is no need to rush because they are sincere and faithful and waiting for you. Until whenever," he writes.

David, until now still undergoing treatment in the hospital ICU. In the last few days, Jonathan has been diligent in sharing David's recent struggles.

On March 28, 2023, Jonathan shared a photo of when David attending a physiotherapy session with a face that seemed to be in pain.

"And you are my proud son, who never tires of fighting. I wait for no matter how long, we are still here for you. We love you kiddo," wrote Jonathan.

Then two days earlier, the account owner @naomi_prayogo uploaded a photo of David embracing his father tightly.

“Just saw David put his hand on his father's shoulder and grip his grandparent's arm tightly. My tears flowed freely, I knew God was working. I have faith that recovery is happening for David," he said.

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