Qur'an Tutor in Cirebon Arrested for Molesting Dozens of Children

- 20 March 2023 12:42 WIB
Police during a press conference speaking to the Qur'an tutor who molested dozens of children (blue tshirt).
Police during a press conference speaking to the Qur'an tutor who molested dozens of children (blue tshirt).

JAKARTADAILY.ID – A man from Pasindangan Village, Gunung Jati District, Cirebon Regency, West Java, was arrested by members of the Cirebon City Police Criminal Investigation Unit. The 52-year-old man with the initials S alias OB was arrested on suspicion of having sexually abused dozens of minors.

Cirebon City Police Chief AKBP Ariek Indra Sentanu revealed that the perpetrator worked daily as a Qur'an tutor. 

"There were 11 minors who were victims of sexual abuse by suspect S alias OB," said Ariek accompanied by Head of Criminal Investigation Unit AKP, Perida Apriani Sisera Pandjaitan, and Head of Public Relations Iptu Ngatidja, at the Cirebon City Police Headquarters, Friday, March 17, 2023.

The average age of the victims is between 9-12 years old, and most are still in elementary school. According to the police, the perpetrator would carry out his actions in a teacher's room in the Islamic boarding school where he taught.

The Qur'an tutor would allegedly call students to the teacher's room under the pretext of lessons. 

"After the study, the perpetrator would pull the victims' hand and then commit his obscene acts," said Ariek.

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However, the perpetrator's attempt failed because he was obstructed by clothes and headscarves.

One of the victim's parents then reported the suspect's actions to the Cirebon City Police.

On Sunday, February 12, 2023, the perpetrator was arrested and is now being detained at the Cirebon City Police Headquarters.

The police confiscated evidence from the victim's clothes and a statement letter from the perpetrator.

"Together with the evidence secured by the clothes, skirts, headscarves, and statements from the perpetrators," said the former Head of Bandung Polrestabes Traffic Unit.

The perpetrators will be charged with Article 76E watching Article 82 paragraph 1 of RI Law Number 17 of 2016 concerning Child Protection.

"The threat of punishment is 15 years in prison plus 1/3 of the prison term," said Ariek.


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