Terrorist Networks in Indonesia Are Infiltrating Political Parties to Participate in Elections

- 14 March 2023 15:56 WIB
Head of BNPT Boy Rafli Amar. (BNPT)
Head of BNPT Boy Rafli Amar. (BNPT)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Commr. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar revealed the agency has suspicions that some new political party members may be affiliated with terrorist networks.

"There has been a change in strategy; from bullets to ballot boxes. This is a strategy for affiliated networks, including intolerant groups, to be part of a democratic party, to enter into our democratic system," said Head of BNPT Komjen Boy Rafli Amar in the National Dialogue which they held with the Indonesian KPU and Bawaslu at the St Regis hotel, Jakarta, which was also broadcast via YouTube BNPT Public Relations on Monday, March 13, 2023.

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Even though Boy did not mention the name of the political party in question, the Head of the BNPT emphasized that members of political parties who were indicated to be affiliated with terrorist networks were not included in the list of 24 political parties that qualified to participate in the 2024 Election.

He said that only one political party was indicated. However, he could not reveal the name or initials of the political party. Boy added, Before determining election participants, political parties that register themselves must go through administrative and factual verification stages by the Indonesian KPU.

"It did not pass verification. Because we have received information from the start. We say there are indications (of being affiliated with a global terrorist network)," said Boy.

Komjen Boy Rafli Amar asked each agency to increase vigilance. This is to prevent the emergence of new parties with indications of terrorism.

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"We must guard against forming a new party in the future. But the board members come from an intolerant, radical, and terrorist group," he said.

"The background is yes, the management is yes. Not to mention the platform, the party principle cannot be separated from the Pancasila state ideology," he said.

Despite these indications, he believes that there are no parties that have passed verification and are included in the terrorist affiliation.

"Because we have received information from the start and God willing, those who have passed are clear," he said.


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