Bali Provincial Govt. Bans Foreign Tourists from Renting Motorbikes Due to Numerous Violations

- 14 March 2023 14:21 WIB
Illustration. A busy street in Bali. (Lachlan Rennie/Unsplash)
Illustration. A busy street in Bali. (Lachlan Rennie/Unsplash)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Bali has issued a ban on foreign tourists renting and riding motorbikes. This policy follows the rise of traffic violations committed by foreign tourists while driving.

This was stated by the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster in a press conference on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Koster said that his party already had a number of regulations governing foreign nationals through the Governor of Bali's regulations regarding tourism management, including a prohibition for foreign nationals to use rented motorbikes.

"So, tourists have to travel by road using cars from travel agents. It is no longer allowed to use vehicles that are not from travel agents. Borrowing or renting is no longer allowed," said Wayan Koster, quoted from PMJnews, on March 12, 2023.

According to Wayan Koster, based on the results of prosecution by the Bali Police, the most common form of traffic violations committed by foreign tourists are not wearing clothes while driving, not wearing a helmet, and not having a license to drive.

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"If you become a tourist, behave as a tourist. As a tourist (you should) use vehicles provided by the travel agent, (and) not drive around using a motorbike without clothing and without a helmet, with no license on top of that," the governor said.

Following up on this regulation, the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) has also increased supervision of foreign tourists in 3 areas, including Badung Regency, Denpasar City, and Gianyar Regency which are the centers of residence for foreign tourists on the island of Bali. The local provincial government also hopes that the Balinese people will take part in controlling foreign tourists in Bali

Wayan further emphasized that his party would soon ratify the regulation in the form of a Regional Regulation (Perda). Apart from being a way to discipline foreign tourists who often act as they please, these regulations were also made with the intention of managing Bali Tourism activities to make them more comfortable and of high quality.

The Governor of Bali explained that the change in the rules will take effect in 2023 to improve the tourism system which is not only oriented towards the number of tourist visits each year but maintains cultured tourism.

"We are currently improving it because, during the pandemic, we didn't apply it because there weren't any tourists. Now it's starting to be arranged," he concluded.


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