Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Emphasizes Message to Families of Government Officials

- 02 March 2023 15:11 WIB
Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani speaking during a conference.
Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani speaking during a conference.

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Amidst navigating the Indonesian economy from the threat of a global recession, the Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati was reportedly "hassled" by the recent actions of ministry official family members, and had to apologize on multiple occasions. 

Once again the Minister of Finance had to comment on the luxurious lifestyle of her ministry officials after the Mario Dandy Satriyo abuse case surfaced to the public.

In fact, the Minister of Finance was speaking at an Economic Outlook 2023 event in Jakarta.

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In front of the participants and Ministry of Finance officials who were present, the Minister of Finance said officials within his ministry were asked to maintain the principle of politeness so that the fruit of his work could be more appreciated.

This is because officials are figures that cannot be separated from public attention

"If you look luxurious, you don't look cool, people are angry, and some are in a defensive position," said Sri Mulyani at the Economic Outlook 2023 event in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 28, 2023, as reported by PMJ News.

"But we are decent humans too, we are also ordinary humans who want our lives, our work is also well appreciated," she continued.

Sri Mulyani assessed that tax officials must limit their lifestyle so as not to create negative perceptions in society. This is because belief is influenced by behavior.

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"In my opinion, the principle of decency, propriety is not something excessive, because people always feel a connection to that belief from our behavior too," she explained.

The Minister of Finance also invited her staff to enjoy life more in a simpler way. She said jogging in Senayan is healthier than bouncing around on a big motorbike.

"So even though you can get it from lawful money, you can buy it from your salary and, ma'am, I want to relax a little. Okay, relax now, you don't have to ride a big motorbike, just walk with me around Senayan, it's healthy, eat chicken porridge It's also healthy," she said.



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