PT KAI Prepares 3.5 million Train Tickets for Upcoming Eid al-Fitr 2023 Homecoming in Indonesia

- 27 February 2023 19:45 WIB
Pasar Senen Station, Jakarta, one of the train stations most often used to depart during the Eid holidays. (Photo: PT Kereta Api Indonesia)
Pasar Senen Station, Jakarta, one of the train stations most often used to depart during the Eid holidays. (Photo: PT Kereta Api Indonesia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or KAI has prepared 3.5 million train tickets for the Lebaran Holiday travelers (Eid al -Fitr) in 2023.

The tickets can be ordered starting on February 26, 2023.

According to KAI Public Relations VP Joni Martinus in a written statement on Monday, February 27, 2023, for Lebaran transportation 2023, KAI has now provided around 3.5 million train tickets. The ticket consists of long-distance train tickets and local train tickets.

"So far, tickets sold for departure on April 12 and 13, are still around 2%. This figure will certainly continue to grow because ticket sales are still ongoing, "said Joni.

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Joni said that PT KAI has appealed to the public to plan their homecoming journey well. KAI set the Lebaran transportation period on H-10 to H+10 Lebaran or April 12 to May 3, 2022.

Because KAI sells tickets on Lebaran transportation starting from H-45, as of February 27, 2023, the tickets that can be purchased are at the departure of April 12 and April 13, 2023.

 Joni said, in order to improve services to customers and anticipate the soaring number of passengers in the Eid transportation period, KAI also planned to increase the ticket quota and the number of train trips.

The plan was determined after analysis and evaluation related to the dynamics of the ticket request.

As for the requirements for riding a train, so far KAI still applies a train ride according to Circular Letter (SE) of the Ministry of Transportation Number 84 of 2022 and SE Ministry of Health Number HK.02.02/II/3984/2022 since December 19, 2022.

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If later the government sets a change in the requirements for riding a train, then KAI will support and comply with the policy, and will immediately socialize with the community.

 For more information related to ticket sales during the Lebaran transportation period, people can contact the KAI Contact Center by telephone at 121, Whatsapp at 08111-2111-121, email at, or social media at kai121.

"KAI services in the Lebaran transportation period are expected to be able to provide benefits for people who want to go home safely, comfortably, and safely," concluded Joni. (*)


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