Singaporean Hotpot Joint Beauty in the Pot Opens First Indonesian Branch at the Paris Van Java Mall in Bandung

- 23 November 2022 16:45 WIB
Grand opening ‘Beauty in The Pot’ at Paris Van Java (PVJ), Sky Level Floor,Cipedes, Bandung City on Tuesday 22 November 2022. (Photo/ Beauty in The Pot)
Grand opening ‘Beauty in The Pot’ at Paris Van Java (PVJ), Sky Level Floor,Cipedes, Bandung City on Tuesday 22 November 2022. (Photo/ Beauty in The Pot)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Beauty in the Pot, a famous hotpot restaurant from Singapore, opened its first Indonesian branch at the Paris Van Java mall in Bandung, West Java, on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Beauty in the Pot is part of the Paradise Group in Singapore and offers healthy food culture through a selection of premium and fresh ingredients that are then made into various delicious broths for a hotpot.


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Beauty in the Pot Resto Assistant Manager Fazri Satria said that every pot that is served has a high taste and nutrition so it is not only delicious but also has many benefits for health and adds to the beauty.

"The presence of this restaurant will brighten up a culinary tourism destination for Bandung City residents and travelers from outside so they can enjoy food and drinks from legendary menus, of course at affordable prices," he said

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Fazri said Beauty in the Pot offers a wide variety of menu choices, ranging from quality fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables to noodles.

"All preparations are served and made 'fresh' every day such as meatballs, special dough, and dumplings which are specially made by Beauty in The Pot's culinary team. We want to spoil the tongue of the connoisseurs when combined with various choices of broth," he concluded.

The 500 m2 restaurant with 166 seating capacity, has a modern interior style they call the "Magical Unicorn Wonderland," which aims to be "very aesthetic and instagramable."

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“We deliberately packaged this restaurant with a different feel from other restaurants. Apart from pampering the tongue, it also comes with a menu that is unique and makes you curious, of course, it will make you curious," he said.

Dominated by turquoise and lavender colors, the interior of this culinary spot besides serving a variety of dishes for health, as well as good for beauty.

"We have six types of broth, namely signature beauty collagen broth, signature spicy nourishing soup, herbal drunken chicken broth, cooling coconut broth, vitamin C tomato sweet corn broth, and longevity wild pine mushroom broth which is suitable for vegetarians," he concluded.


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