'Forever Only' by NCT's Jaehyun is Finally Out on Youtube

- 23 August 2022 20:57 WIB
Forever Only by NCT's Jaehyun/ Channel Youtube @SMTOWN (@SMTOWN)
Forever Only by NCT's Jaehyun/ Channel Youtube @SMTOWN (@SMTOWN)

JAKARTADAILY.ID –  ‘Forever Only’ by NCT's Jaehyun is released as part of the NCT LAB project on August 18

Released on the @SMTOWN Youtube Channel, within a few hours the Music Video has received more than 800 thousand views and more than 200 thousand likes.

Reportedly in this song entitled "Forever Only", NCT's Jaehyun participated in writing the song.  The song belongs to the R&B genre and features Jaehyun's emotional vocals with repeated guitar riffs. “Forever Only,” tells the story of wanting a specific person and wanting to be by that person's side even when everything is gone and gone.

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When asked how he would define ‘Forever Only’, Jaehyun used the words “lonely yet charming with a catchy guitar riff”. ‘Forever Only’ has a bright feeling sound and melody but there’s loneliness inside it that is well expressed through the lyrics.

Jaehyun also mentioned that while recording and singing ‘Forever Only’ he imagined doing so in front of many people as there are parts in the song that can be followed with chants and loads of adlibs to sing together.

During an Instagram live, Jaehyun said that it had been 5 years since he released 'Try Again' via SM STATION and he has grown and improved a lot since then, and as 'Forever Only' is a solo song he was thinking about what he should show and thought that this song would be a good start for him to show various aspects of what he has to come in the future.

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In 2017, the all-around artist Jaehyun released his first SM Station single, 'Try Again' featuring d.ear. ‘Try Again’ is a pop ballad with a minimal acoustic sound; d.ear and Jaehyun‘s soft voices and warm vocalizations tell how a person still believes that their partner is their true love after a breakup and they are longing to try again.

Before the song was released, Jaehyun said that Johnny and Taeyong had heard the song first, and Johnny said the song was sexy, then Taeyong said the song really suited Jaehyun.

During the Instagram live Jaehyun also said "I will say this carefully because you will probably cry even more if you hear the whole song"

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It can be said that fans will shed tears because of the beauty of the whole concept of Jaehyun's project this time, starting from the RNB instrument that matches Jaehyun's taste, the lyrics, to the concept of a video with a beach background with a sunset as well as a close-up of Jaehyun's handsome beauty.

Jaehyun will perform 'Forever Only' on THE NCT SHOW's MUSIC SPACE; the live clip will be available on NCT's YouTube Channel on August 21.

"Forever Only" by Jaehyun is now out on Youtube.

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