NIKI Takes Fans to a Highschool Throwback with Her Self-titled Album 'High School in Jakarta'

- 19 August 2022 16:08 WIB
A promotional poster for NIKI's latest single 'High School in Jakarta.' (Photo/screenshot Instagram @nikizefanya)
A promotional poster for NIKI's latest single 'High School in Jakarta.' (Photo/screenshot Instagram @nikizefanya)

JAKARTADAILY – Nicole-Zefanya">Nicole Zefanya, a Jakarta-born singer-songwriter recently released her newest single "High School in Jakarta," from her self-titled album "NICOLE."

Nicole, better known as NIKI, pays homage to her roots and home city in her album.

The Indonesian singer, now based in Los Angeles started her career on YouTube and won a contest to open for Taylor Swift at the age of 15. 

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NIKI is now headlining her own tour at the age of 23 and became one of the first Indonesian artists to perform at Coachella alongside Rich Brian, her fellow 88Rising label member.

Her latest single, "High School in Jakarta," was released on her YouTube channel on August 5, 2022, and quickly became a TikTok favorite among Indonesians.

Several other songs from the album were also uploaded to her YouTube channel a week later.

According to a report from, Niki said she had no intention of making an album.

She was "inspired by Taylor Swift's recently re-recorded albums, her songwriter's brain was fired up as soon as she heard the 10-minute version of Swift's 'All Too Well' and spontaneously booked a studio session to revisit her older material."

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NIKI said that she wrote most of the album alone.

"I think I work the best that way and I think the most clearly that way. I grew up an only child and the way I started writing was just me in my bedroom with headphones and my guitar, so that's my comfort zone. That's the most comfortable for me when it's just me," said the singer from Indonesia.

The song's music video was uploaded on her YouTube channel, starring NIKI as a teenager and her co-star Peter Adrian Sudarso, who plays her ex-boyfriend throughout the video.

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