Song Lyrics and Meaning Behind 'August' by Taylor Swift, Her Latest Single Coveted by the Swifties

- 03 August 2022 15:07 WIB
YouTube screenshot/ @Taylor Swift
YouTube screenshot/ @Taylor Swift


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Taylor Swift has an era for every moment and emotion. "FOR ME IT WAS ENOUGH" song lyrics from "August" by Taylor Swift are being enlivened by Swifties to start the month of August on Twitter.

Not only on Twitter but recently "August" by Taylor Swift has also gone viral on TikTok.

In 2020, Taylor Swift released an album titled "Folklore" with the song "August" being one on the album's tracklist.

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Swift sings of a summer romance that was destined not to last. It is part two of three Folklore tracks about a teenage love triangle between the characters Betty, James, and an unnamed girl.

This song is from the perspective of the unnamed girl, who Swift imagines being called either Augusta or Augustine; the first part, "Cardigan," is from Betty's, and the third part, "Betty," is from James'.

Here are some of the lyrics of the song "August" by Taylor Swift

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Back when we were still changin' for the better

Wanting was enough

For me, it was enough

To live for the hope of it all

Cancel plans just in case you'd call

And say, "Meet me behind the mall"


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