Sandiaga Uno: Indonesian Music is Getting More Globalized

- 28 January 2022 11:18 WIB
NCT Dances Accompanied by Javanese Songs, Mendung Tanpo Udan and Makes Indonesian Netizens Shocking, and trending on twitter.
NCT Dances Accompanied by Javanese Songs, Mendung Tanpo Udan and Makes Indonesian Netizens Shocking, and trending on twitter.


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno commented on the Tik Tok and Reels Instagram videos of BoyBand members from Korea NCT. Two videos showing NCT members dancing to Javanese songs, one of the traditional languages ​​in Indonesia 2 days earlier.

"From there it is increasingly clear that the Indonesian creative economy sector is increasingly global," said Sandiaga Uno in his Instagram account @Sandiuno, on Friday.

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Sandiaga hopes that Indonesia will soon compete with Korea and even America. Sandiaga praises the @Lemonilo team for successfully combining what is trending in the world with what is being talked about in Indonesia.

"This is proof that startups created by our nation's children are not cans or TOP! I am proud and appreciate the hard work of friends at @lemonilo," he said.

Having just received an injection of funds from investors from Belgium and India amounting to US$ 36 million, Sandiaga is optimistic that the Lemonilo startup can continue to grow, creating more job opportunities.

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Sandiaga said that Indonesia does not only have music with the dangdut and Javanese pop genres. There are other genres of songs in Indonesia that can be introduced to the world community.

Previously, the video of Mark, Jaemin, Jisung, three NCT personnel, a boy band from South Korea became a trending topic on Twitter, on Wednesday (26 January 2022).

The three of them appeared on Instagram and Twitter reels dancing to Javanese, Indonesian background music. The background music heard in the short video is the song Mendung Tanpo Udan, which is currently booming in Indonesia.

The dance of Mark, Jaemin, Jisung appeared on the official NCT Dream Instagram @nct_dream and became a trending topic on Twitter since last Wednesday. One of the trending topics is Surprised, which contains netizens' shocking tweets at the latest news from NCT.

No half-hearted, NCT also posted 2 videos of their members dancing to the accompaniment of the same song. In the video uploaded to the same IG account, 4 other NCT members appeared, Renjun, Jeno, Haecan, and Chenle.

The first video has attracted 1.29 million likes on IG, the second video has also successfully attracted 839 thousand likes. In just its first 11 hours after upload.


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