Why is Emojimix by Tikolu Going Viral on TikTok? Here's How You Can Join the Fun and Make Your Own Emoji

- 25 January 2022 21:36 WIB
Example of results from Emojimix (Screenshot from Tikolu.net)
Example of results from Emojimix (Screenshot from Tikolu.net)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Trending at TikTok, Emojimix by Tikolu is viral now. Many are curious about what is Emoji Mix, how can you play it?

Emojimix by Tikolu became trending because you can make and share your wacky Emojis by visiting Tikolu.net.

Many are looking for the download link for Emoji Mix, a hot topic for social media users.

If you check on Tikolu.net, you can find it very easy to fuse emoji. You can fuse two emojis into one and get thousands of cool and wacky emojis.

Why did it go viral on TikTok? Because many are asking how to use it, how to blend emojis into one. There were also face challenging games at TikTok that received an overwhelming response from Indonesian netizens.

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Apart from being unique, apparently, netizens like this simple online toy, because it is quite fun to play and you can share results of the emoji fusions into social media or chatting platforms.

The widget does not require a lot of creativity, but the results are fun, easy to share and the Millenials love them because it may represent their emotions.

Emoji better known as emoticon is a set of code at smartphone keyboard used to express people's expressions.

Wow, this is what you get from Emojimix by Tikolu/Screen shot from Tikolu.net
Wow, this is what you get from Emojimix by Tikolu/Screen shot from Tikolu.net (Screen shot from Tikolu.net)

Unfortunately, you cannot save the results of emojimix by Tikolu on your phone keyboard as an emoticon, because emoticon is different.

Emoji Mix, which is available through your browser is ​​a simple game. The game, or rather a website toy, offers a cool mix of emoticons, which you can save on your devices as PNG files.

You can make emojimix output into stickers, but you cannot save them as emoticons at your keyboard. 

Many are also wondering where to download emojimix by Tikolu?


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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