Make Infinite Emojis by Fusing Them Using Emojimix by, the New Viral Sensation on TikTok

- 26 January 2022 00:45 WIB
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JAKARTA DAILY.ID - Recently, the trend of emoji combination or emojimix emerged from a site called, which is going viral on the Tiktok application.

One can produce new emoji characters by combining several existing emojis. The outputs are called Emojimix

As is known, emoji is provided by chat or messaging applications. They have a function to convey the user's feelings without the need to type long sentences.

Some emoji characters can also be used as templates from emoticon builder APKs..

However, messaging app users currently have another option, which is to combine some of the emojis that are already available, to become new characters.

Try finding Emojimix Apk? Actually at, you don't need APK, because it provides an online toy for internet users to combine several emojis to generate new sensations or feels. Unique right?

The method is pretty easy, because there is no need for other applications to be installed at your phone.

Although easy, it is a challenge for the creativity of users to produce unique emojis that other users may not have. Sounds fun?

What makes emojimix emoticons from able to grab the attention of TikTok users are it offers a unique blend. For example, you can have emoji of animal, with a facial expression.

How to make Emojimix via :

  • Open a browser on your laptop or mobile phone, then visit the following link or URL:
  • There are several buttons that you can press, a random button or swipe up or down buttons
  • You can use the buttons provided, or swipe up/down to find the emoji you want to combine
  • After selecting two emojis then combine them via Emojimix, the result will appear below it
  • Finally, select copy image, copy link or share via the available buttons.
  • Very easy and hassle-free right?

Indeed, this activity isn't time consuming at all and the results? Check this out:

Example of results from Emojimix
Example of results from Emojimix (Screenshot from

Emoji game on Play Store is different

Apart from which is accessed from the web browser, there are also apps with similar functionality available on the Google Play Store.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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