Another One: Govt. Official Under Scrutiny for Wife's Lavish Lifestyle

- 20 March 2023 16:40 WIB
Illustration. An assortment of luxury-brand items.
Illustration. An assortment of luxury-brand items.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Government official Esha Rahmansah Abrar has been relieved of his duty as the Head of Subdivision for the General Bureau of Vehicle Administration, Ministry of State Secretariat. 

Esha landed in the hot seat when his wife flaunted her flashy lifestyle on Instagram, which promptly caught the attention of the public. 

The news was confirmed by the head of the public relations bureau of the Ministry of State Secretariat, Eddy Cahyono Sugiarto, who went on and apologized to the public for the actions of the family member of a ministry official. 

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Esha Abrar's wife, known as Olivia, with the Instagram username @vhia_esa, posted several videos and pictures on Instagram, showing off the gifts given to her by her husband, including a luxury-branded handbag complete with a heartfelt note full of typos.

In another post, Olivia humblebragged about how she bought a car on a whim.

"The Ministry of State Secretariat apologizes to the public for the uproar that has caused inconvenience to the community," said Eddy.

According to Eddy, the Ministry of State Secretariat has formed a team to check Esha Abrar's assets. "Saudara Esha has been temporarily deactivated from his position, to make it easier to verify the truth of the information that is developing," said Eddy, quoted from, Sunday, March 19, 2023.

Moreover, Eddy added, the Ministry of State Secretariat has also formed an internal verification team to investigate the origins of Esha Rahmansah Abrar's wealth as well as with other State Civil Apparatuses (ASN) within the ministry.

"The Ministry of State Secretariat will consult with the Corruption Eradication Commission, PPATK, and other institutions to obtain comprehensive facts and data as a basis for following up on the irregularities in the acquisition of the officials' assets," explained Eddy.

Esha Rahmansah Abrar was widely discussed after uploads on social media Twitter showing the Instagram Story of his wife's account, namely @vhia_esa, buying a new car. In the order receipt shared on social media, it appears that the MG 5 GT Magnify car costs IDR 407.9 million.

Not only that, but Esha's wife also uploaded a photo of herself with a pink BMW car and a Toyota Fortuner car.

Previously, President Jokowialso reminded the state civil apparatus (ASN) not to show off their wealth on social media. Jokowi said this behavior could upset the public.

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