How Listening to Music While Working Can Improve Your Productivity

- 07 March 2023 17:28 WIB
Illustration. A phone on a desk playing music. (
Illustration. A phone on a desk playing music. (

JAKARTADAILY.ID - As technology advances and lifestyle changes, work has become busier and often more stressful than ever.

However, there are several simple ways that can help improve mental and physical health while working, one of which is by listening to music on online platforms and also by downloading songs on gadget devices, especially smartphones.

Quoted from there are many benefits of listening to music while working. First of all, music can help increase productivity and creativity.

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When we listen to music we like, we feel more relaxed and happy, which can increase our motivation and morale for work.

Apart from that, music can also help stimulate the mind and open up new ideas, which can trigger our creativity.

Another benefit of listening to music while working is that it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Music has a calming effect on our bodies and minds, helping to relieve stress and tension that can interfere with our performance and productivity.

In this regard, instrumental and non-vocal music, such as classical or ambient music, is more effective in relaxing our bodies and minds.

Listening to music can also help improve concentration and focus while working.

Some types of music, such as instrumental music or meditation music, are specifically designed to help increase our focus and concentration.

In addition, by listening to music, we can reduce distractions from the surrounding environment, such as the noise around us, which can disturb our concentration.

However, keep in mind that listening to music while working also carries risks. If we listen to music that is too loud or gets too involved in the music we are listening to, we can lose focus on our work and can even become a distraction to our co-workers.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right type of music and play it at a volume suitable for our work environment.

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