Indonesia Discusses Halal Product Assurance Cooperation with Malaysia

- 18 January 2023 16:04 WIB
Indonesia and Malaysia are currently seeking cooperation in the field of Halal Product Guarantee. (Photo/Minsitry of Religion).
Indonesia and Malaysia are currently seeking cooperation in the field of Halal Product Guarantee. (Photo/Minsitry of Religion).

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Indonesia and Malaysia, two countries with a Muslim majority, are currently seeking cooperation in the field of Halal Product Assurance.

This discussion was sparked at a meeting of the Halal Product Guarantee Organization (BPJPH) of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia with Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), in Malaysia.

Head of BPJPH Aqil Irham said that his party is finalizing a cooperation agreement between BPJPH and JAKIM.

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"There are still two more cases that are still being discussed by JAKIM. While from the Indonesian side, all matters of this cooperation have been discussed by cross-ministries / institutions," Aqil said in Malaysia, quoted Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

Aqil Irham hopes that the discussion that takes place today can bear the outcome.

"We hope that the discussion will be completed soon so that during President Joko Widodo's visit in June, this cooperation agreement can be signed," said Aqil.

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He added that cooperation with Malaysia is important to strengthen the halal ecosystem in ASEAN and globally.

The halal product guarantee cooperation agreement between countries continued Aqil, also aims to answer the issue of TBT (The Technical Barriers to Trade) which is often a question in WTO TBT hearings.

The TBT Agreement is one of the WTO agreements produced in the Uruguay Round to regulate the use of Non-Tariff Measure (NTMs) instruments in international trade.

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The TBT Agreement contains regulations related to the use of standards and technical rules that include packaging requirements, the use of signs and labels on packaging, and conformity test procedures so that in its application it does not create unnecessary barriers to international trade.

On this occasion, Aqil Irham also shared about Indonesia's halal certification regulations through the self-declaration scheme. Aqil welcomed Malaysia's desire to learn about self-declaration, which is a form of a new era of halal certification in Indonesia.


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