Iranian Government 'Disbands' Morality Police in Wake of Massive Protests

- 06 December 2022 17:33 WIB
 Iran protest - Santa Monica, CA - October 08, 2022. (Photo/Craig Melville/
Iran protest - Santa Monica, CA - October 08, 2022. (Photo/Craig Melville/

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The so-called Morality Police have reportedly been disbanded by the Iranian government following months of protests triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, an official said on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

Amini was killed in the custody of Iran's morality police on September 16, three days after she was arrested for allegedly violating the country's conservative dress code for women. 

Her death sparked outrage and protests led by women. Protestors burned their hijabs, chanted anti-government slogans, and outright refused to wear the hijab in parts of Tehran.

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More than 400 people have been killed, and more than 15,000 arrested, in the crackdown on protests that were labeled as "riots" by the government.

Family members and activists say that Mahsa Amini was beaten to death and accused the government of a cover-up. Authorities deny it.

The decision to suspend the morality police, reported by state news outlets late on Saturday night, appeared a major victory for feminists who have sought for years to dismantle the force.

The disbandment of the force responsible for enforcing the mandatory hijab, even if nominal, would indicate a level of reaction to the demands of the demonstrators not yet seen.

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According to experts warned that the remarks by Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, made in response to questions at a news conference, should be taken with a dose of skepticism.

“The morality police has nothing to do with the judiciary, and it was abolished by those who created it,” Montazeri said Saturday during a conspiracy theory-laden speech blaming the anti-government unrest on Western countries, Iranian state-backed media outlets reported.

“But of course, the judiciary will continue to watch over behavioral actions in the society.”

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