Indonesia and Singapore Sign Agreement to Collaborate on Improving Workforces

- 31 July 2022 12:09 WIB
Indonesia and Singapore Explore Employment Cooperation in 4 Areas. (Photo/Kemnaker)
Indonesia and Singapore Explore Employment Cooperation in 4 Areas. (Photo/Kemnaker)


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesia and Singapore continue to strengthen cooperation in the employment sector. This time, the two countries are exploring employment cooperation in four collaboration areas which will be technically discussed by the Labor Market Center and the Singapore Government.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, Anwar Sanusi said, the four collaboration areas are Collaboration on Collaboration On Human Capital Development; Collaboration to Develop Tech Talent; Collaboration On Capacity Building, and Training Exchange between the Ministry Of Manpower Of Republic Indonesia and Singapore Ministry Of Manpower; and the Collaboration On Regional Center for The Future Of Work (RCFW).

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"The Indonesian and Singaporean governments have agreed to strengthen collaboration through collaboration, including the development of Tech Talent to support the development of the Indonesian Job Market Information System, capacity building for the Ministry of Manpower ASN in the digital sector, as well as the development of Human Resources for Labor Market Services, which will be discussed technically by the Labor Market Center. and the Singapore Government," said Anwar Sanusi in a press release, Saturday, June 30, 2022.

Also attending the MWG meeting was the Head of the Labor Market Center, Muchamad Yusuf, and the Head of the Cooperation Bureau, M. Arif Hidayat.

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This meeting was also attended by a Singaporean delegation consisting of the Director for Employment Standards and International Relations of SG MoM, Assistant Director, International Relations Unit, Manager, Jobs and Skills Strategy, as well as representatives from Singapore Civil Service College, Workforce Singapore, and Skills Future Singapore.

"We hope that this cooperation can provide mutual benefits for the two countries, as well as strengthen and accelerate the achievement of the cooperation targets being developed by Indonesia and Singapore within the framework of The Singapore-Indonesia Six Bilateral Economic Working Groups," he said.

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