Menamai Batik Exhibition Receives Praise and Warm Welcome from the Napier Society

- 11 April 2022 21:09 WIB
The "Menaming" demonstration at Creative Arts Napier , New Zealand.on Saturday, April 9, 2022.
The "Menaming" demonstration at Creative Arts Napier , New Zealand.on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

JAKARTADAILY.ID -- More than 30 clothes made from batik by Indonesian designer Arif Gerry Fauzi were exhibited in the "Menamai" demonstration at Creative Arts Napier on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Arif Gerry is a designer from Indonesia who has been living in New Zealand since 2015.

Arif Gerry's "Menamai" clothing collection mostly featured everyday clothing and evening gowns, which received praise, enthusiasm and a warm welcome from the Mayor of Napier, Kirsten Wise, the local and Indonesian people who attended.

Prior to the fashion show, batik activities were also held which were divided into two sessions. There were 30 local community participated in a batik class, guided by Sucitarini Delyana, the owner of Denaya Batik Yogyakarta.

Mayor of Napier, Kirsten Wise in his speech expressed his gratitude and praise for the initiative of the Indonesian Community Hawkes Bay (KAMIBAY) which held the "Indonesian Batik, Workshop, Fashion Show & Exhibition" event which took place from April 9 to April 14, 2022.

“This event can increase knowledge and the experiences of the people of Napier and its surroundings regarding Batik and how to make batik as well as Indonesian culture,” he said.

Kristen Wise hopes that this activity, which is being held for the first time, can continue to be promoted by the Indonesian Community and other Ethnic Communities in Napier.

“Multi-cultural culture adds color to cultural life in New Zealand,” she added

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Meanwhile, Ambassador Fientje Maritje Suebu expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Mayor of Napier and to Kamibay who organized this activity.

Ambassador Fientje was pleased with the presence of enthusiastic batik fans, this shows that batik is universally known.

Batik in Indonesia's cultural life as a traditional heritage that continues to be maintained until now. Batik has various motifs, such as the long cloud in Aotearoa, batik can also be used in various activities such as in wedding ceremonies,” explained the Indonesian Ambassador.

Ambassador Fientje also congratulated the Committee for successfully organizing this cultural event.

The fashion show began with Balinese dances and was also filled with Javanese songs. Meanwhile, the batik exhibited was written batik with various motifs such as kawung, truntum, machete, kumpeni batik, Cirebon batik and lasem.

Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: Kemenlu RI


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