World Economic Forum: Climate Change Is The Most Severe Long Term Threat

- 12 January 2022 21:58 WIB
Climate change remains a huge concern. (Unsplash/Li An Lim)
Climate change remains a huge concern. (Unsplash/Li An Lim)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - World Economic Forum insists that climate change is the most severe global risk for the next decade. However, the pandemic has distracted the world from efforts to tackle it.

The organization revealed this in its Global Risks Report on Tuesday. The report is usually released ahead of the annual winter Davos meetings of world leaders that have been postponed for a second year in a row because of COVID-19. Despite having virtual sessions slated for next week, it was also revealed that the event is rescheduled to the summer due to rising cases of the Omicron variant around the world.

According to The Times, the report ranks the damaging impact of rising carbon emissions as part top five risks to global stability since 2011, threatening climate change, extreme weather, and the loss of biodiversity.

The report acknowledges that different countries are taking different approaches, however, both moving faster and slower might come with downsides. While slow adoption of a zero-carbon model could radicalize impatient residents who think the government isn't acting urgently, a faster shift away from carbon-intense industries could spark economic turmoil.

"Adopting hasty environmental policies could also have unintended consequences for nature," the report said, according to VOA. "There are still many unknown risks from deploying untested biotechnical and geoengineering technologies."

The report also includes cyber threats and the growing space race as part of the emerging risks to the global economy, alongside the coronavirus pandemic potential derivative impacts, such as uneven vaccination rates might widen the social gaps and heighten geopolitical tensions.

Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: VOA, The Times


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