Omicron: Israel Prohibits Flights to U.S., Canada

- 21 December 2021 15:42 WIB
Illustration: Israel airlines (Unsplash/John McArthur)
Illustration: Israel airlines (Unsplash/John McArthur)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Israel prohibited travel to the United States, Canada, and eight other countries on Monday due to fears of the Omicron variant.

Travel restrictions are increasing in Israel as the Omicron variant continues to spread over the world. According to AP News report on Monday (December 20, 2021), following a Cabinet vote, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's office announced the decision.

Red-listing the US coincides with rising coronavirus cases in Israel and marks a shift in pandemic practices between the two nations. Joining the United States, Cabinet ministers also voted to add Canada, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, and Switzerland to the no-fly list.

The United Kingdom and Denmark, as well as the majority of Africa, were already on the red-list. 

In late November, Israel began sealing its borders and restricting travel. Foreign nationals are not permitted to enter, and all Israelis travelling from abroad, including those who have been vaccinated, must undergo quarantine.

According to Israel's Ministry of Health, there have been 175 confirmed Omicron cases so far, with 8,232 deaths from the virus since the start of the pandemic. Prime Minister Naftali Bennet indicated before Sunday's cabinet meeting that he would continue to limit travel to avert more lockdowns.

Despite launching a world-leading vaccination program earlier this year, the minister declared that the country's "fifth wave" of coronavirus infections had begun. Therefore, he urged parents to immediately vaccinate their children. 

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been given to more than 4.1 million people in Israel, out of a total population of 9.3 million.

Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: APnews


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