Erick Thohir on the Removal of Indonesia as the Host of U-20 World Cup: I've Tried My Best

- 30 March 2023 16:54 WIB
A U20 player asking Erick Thohir to ensure Indonesia stays as host for the U20 World Cup. ( @erickthohir)
A U20 player asking Erick Thohir to ensure Indonesia stays as host for the U20 World Cup. ( @erickthohir)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – PSSI chairman Erick Thohir stated that he had tried his best when he met with FIFA President Gianni Infantino in Doha, Qatar, Wednesday, March 29, 2023, so that the host status of the 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup would remain for Indonesia.

However, as a member of FIFA, according to Erick, Indonesia must ultimately submit to the authority and decisions given by FIFA. FIFA has the authority to cancel the prestigious number two soccer event at FIFA in Indonesia.

"I have tried my best. After delivering a letter from President Jokowi, and talking at length with the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, we must accept FIFA's decision to cancel the holding of the event that we are both looking forward to," Erick said in Doha, Qatar, Wednesday (29 March 2023) night.

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He added that the decision which was the authority of FIFA as the highest body of world football with 211 members from various parts of the world, could no longer be rejected.

"Indonesia is a member of FIFA, so for international football matters, we must follow the rules that have been set. Even though I have conveyed everything to Gianni earlier, what was entrusted by the President, football lovers, the children of the U-20 national team, and also loyal football fans, because we are members and FIFA considers that the current situation cannot be continued, we must submit," Erick continued.

However, with the toughness he still has, Erick is trying to take lessons from this heavy storm for national football.

"We have to be strong. I ask all football lovers to keep their heads held high over this tough decision by FIFA. Because I am of the opinion, because of that, this is the time we have to prove to FIFA to work harder to transform football, towards clean football and achievements, " he concluded.


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