Palestinian Ambassador Is Not Worried About the Israeli National Team Visiting Indonesia

- 16 March 2023 15:45 WIB
A logo of the Israeli National Football Team. ( Commons)
A logo of the Israeli National Football Team. ( Commons)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al-Shun emphasized that the presence of the Israeli national team at the U20 World Cup in Indonesia is a provision from FIFA.

He realized that Indonesia was only facilitating the implementation of the football competition in its hosting capacity. At FIFA itself, the U20 World Cup is the second most important competition, apart from the FIFA World Cup with selected core players from each country.

According to Zuhair, his party knows that each federation in the world has its own rules, including FIFA. In this case, Indonesia won the bid to host the U20 FIFA World Cup or FWC U20.

"Of course, the participation of each participating country has nothing to do with the likes or dislikes of the participating countries. Indonesia only facilitates. Each of them takes part as part of the competition according to the applicable rules," he said during a press conference, Wednesday (15 March 2023).

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Never In Doubt

Ambassador Zuhair added, during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Palestine did not participate as a team that competed. However, he knew that Palestine appeared and was present at the event as if Palestine were present as one of the teams competing in the World Cup.

"We know that many countries voice their support for Palestine. This shows that Palestine is in the hearts of many people in the world. I am sure that Palestine will always be in the hearts of the Indonesian people, the Indonesian government, and in the hearts of the Indonesian state," he stressed.

The ambassador also believed that Indonesia's support for Palestine would not change, even though Israel came to Indonesia and took part in the U-20 World Cup which will be attended by 24 countries that have passed from the six confederation zones.

"Indonesia's support for Palestine has always been consistent. Indonesia's support will never change," he said.

Zuhair also emphasized that Palestine always respects and will not intervene in the decisions of each country.


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