RedDoorz Records Five Times Revenue Growth Compared To Pre-Pandemic In 2022

- 07 February 2023 19:01 WIB
Regional VP Marketing RedDoorz, Henry Manampiring. (RedDoorz)
Regional VP Marketing RedDoorz, Henry Manampiring. (RedDoorz)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – In 2022, RedDoorz managed to record revenue growth of up to five times compared to before the pandemic. 

Moreover, RedDoorz Indonesia is also growing with the addition of the number of properties which reached 55 percent compared to 2019 before the pandemic, where currently there are more than 3,000 properties in 257 cities throughout Indonesia.

Data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy shows that the movement of domestic tourists in 2022 has shown positive numbers.

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As of November 2022, there were 800 million movements, above the target of 550 million movements. As Southeast Asia's largest multi-brand hospitality and accommodation platform, RedDoorz is feeling its impact on the revival of the tourism sector.

RedDoorz's rapid growth has earned an award from The Straits Times and Statista as one of Singapore's fastest-growing companies in 2023. These series of achievements are proof of RedDoorz's business resilience, which has gotten tougher after the pandemic.

RedDoorz Regional VP Marketing, Henry Manampiring said that seeing these improving conditions, RedDoorz is optimistic that Indonesian tourism will revive. As a technology company engaged in the tourism industry, RedDoorz is also experiencing the spirit of growth in Indonesian tourism during this recovery period.

"Of course, we cannot be satisfied with this good achievement. Going forward, RedDoorz will continue to be committed to opening all doors of opportunity for people to travel according to their individual needs and goals and to support the revival of Indonesian tourism," said Henry, Jakarta, Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

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Last October 2022, RedDoorz Indonesia and the Philippines finally reached the break-even point (BEP). By achieving this BEP, any income that RedDoorz gets in the future will immediately be counted as profit. This proves that RedDoorz as a startup has managed to survive through the tech winter, namely the phase where the technology sector business experienced a decline in growth and funding due to the financial crisis.

"Through the implementation of strategy and business fundamentals that focus on property owners and customers, we have succeeded in fulfilling our promise to achieve BEP in 2022. RedDoorz's excellent business performance cannot be separated from optimizing the brand awareness of the company. According to a brand health survey conducted by an independent research institute, Populix in the third quarter of 2022, RedDoorz managed to rank first," added Henry.

Welcoming 2023, RedDoorz has several strategies and plans to improve business performance compared to the previous year. VP of Multibrands RedDoorz, Adil Mubarak said that this new year has become a new enthusiasm in improving RedDoorz services.

"In 2023, RedDoorz will update the loyalty program system to be simpler to improve customer booking and stay experiences. In addition, RedDoorz will also strengthen its offline reseller network, and work with more property owners to present RedDoorz in several regions in Indonesia so that can open doors of unlimited opportunities through RedDoorz's best services and solutions for all levels of society."

Adil Mubarak added, RedDoorz, which is currently transforming into a multi-brand platform, is also committed to being able to meet various community needs and reach more property owners to grow with RedDoorz.


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