Local Governments Asked to Conduct Training Need Analysis for Tourism Resources and Creative Economy

- 21 December 2022 05:41 WIB
Diah Martini, Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Indonesian Ministy of Tourism. (Photo/ministry of tourism)
Diah Martini, Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Indonesian Ministy of Tourism. (Photo/ministry of tourism)

JAKARTADAILY.ID –The Ministry of Tourism asked local governments to conduct a mapping or training need analysis of human resources (HR) in their respective regions before implementing competency development and enhancement programs for tourism resources and the creative economy.

Deputy for Resources and Institutions, Diah Martini said this mapping was needed to place HR development programs that are in accordance with HR capabilities in each region.

"So before we provide training, we need help with mapping from the regions. So that the program is not only nice to have, but needs to have. It could be that an area does not need training at an advanced level but basic needs. With mapping from the area, we can provide training that is more targeted and beneficial," said Diah Martini, Friday, December 16, 2022.

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The Ministry of Tourism itself has five strategic pillars in developing tourism and creative economy (Parekraf) human resources in 2023 in accordance with the 2020-2024 RPJMN (National Medium Term Development Plan).

The first is sustainable Parekraf. Where there is a new HR skilling program presented to open up job opportunities and business opportunities.

"In this new skilling we focus on sustainable development, up to new values," said Diah.

Second, increasing competitiveness through upskilling and reskilling, as well as competency standardization and certification. This upskilling and reskilling must of course be carried out in accordance with the needs of each region based on the training needs analysis that will be carried out.

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"For standardization, this year we have succeeded in creating and revitalizing the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards or SKKNI (Indonesian National Work Competency Standards) in 10 tourism activities. And the plan is for next year there will be 24 more. We ask for support from various related parties to adopt it when it is inaugurated by the Ministry of Manpower. Because Our task is to make a draft and then after it is inaugurated by the Ministry of Manpower, we will be able to use this standard together," said Diah.

The third is the creation of added value through the Parekraf Academy_ program, Parekraf Training Camp, institutional strengthening, and Ministry of Tourism management.

At the Parekraf Academy, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy oversees local champions to develop their abilities to obtain certification, especially those with international standards. So that they can take part not only in Indonesia but also in the global realm.

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"The Parekraf Academy was indeed right when we announced it yesterday, it was not too massive and we hope that in 2023 there will be more massive opportunities for us to oversee Parekraf Academy activities," said Diah.


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