Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Designates Gunung Banyak Sky Park in Malang as a 'Shelter Tourism' Site

- 03 December 2022 18:14 WIB
Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Sets the Mountain Sky Park Area in Batu City Malang as a Tourism Shelter (
Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Sets the Mountain Sky Park Area in Batu City Malang as a Tourism Shelter (

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Ministry of Tourism has designated the Gunung Banyak Sky Park area, Batu City, Malang as a "shelter tourism" site or temporary evacuation site in the event of a natural disaster.

Director of Destination Management, Indra Ni Tua, said that Indonesia is located in a ring of fire area or an area surrounded by volcanoes, so it has a large potential for natural disasters.

But on the other hand, the existence of a volcano also presents beautiful natural scenery, so it becomes a tourist attraction. Indonesia also has the third largest tropical rainforest in the world after Congo and Brazil.

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"These conditions force us to be prepared if one day we are faced with a disaster. But in the preparation, we use it for tourism activities. And when a disaster occurs, tourism activities become the spearhead of disaster emergency management. So a concept like this is an approach that we will build in the future," said Indra Ni Tua in a press statement on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

Shelter tourism itself is a relatively new tourism concept. The government sees the potential that can be developed in the tourism sector. So that an area not only gains economic benefits as a tourist destination but can also function as a temporary/final evacuation site.

The choice of Gunung Banyak Sky Park as a pilot project for disaster mitigation is because this tourist destination has institutions that have won the trust of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) to manage this 243-hectare mountain area.

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The institution is Green Lestari LMDH (Forest Village Community Institute) or what is now called Green Sustainable Forest Farmers Group (KTH). They are committed to maintaining sustainability, conservation, and natural preservation. And later there will be KUPS (Social Forestry Business Group).


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