Bali, Indonesia's Most Popular Tourism Island, Named 'The Most Sought-After Winter Sun Destination' by AirBnB

- 27 November 2022 14:50 WIB
Balinese women bring offerings in Balinese rice fields. (Photo/twitter @Kemenparekraf)
Balinese women bring offerings in Balinese rice fields. (Photo/twitter @Kemenparekraf)

JAKARTADAILLY.ID – After two years of isolation, Bali began reopening for visitors in early 2022 as the number of Covid-19 positive cases eased.

Indonesian Government has definitely made it easier for foreigners to enter the island by removing stringent testing rules.

This pro-tourism initiative seems to have paid off, as tourism has recovered from the crisis in record time, and Bali is now leading in booking trends.

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Traveloffpath reported that AirBnB, the one of the world’s number biggest vacation rental platform, has confirmed Bali is the most sought-after winter sun destination this year based on searches.

In other words, a majority of travelers have their hearts set on the Indonesian province, where the country’s top-rated tourist attractions are located, and there is lovely warm weather to be found all year round.

Bali is the leading tourist destination in Indonesia, home to several iconic landmarks, including the islands of Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

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Other than being an area of outstanding natural beauty, where rainforests and turquoise-colored seas can be found, Bali serves as Indonesia’s cultural center.

The town of Ubud, for instance, is known for its distinct customs, traditional dance, and crafts, as well as Indonesia’s traditional terraced rice paddies.

All around Bali, but especially Denpasar, the provincial capital, tourists will also find numerous Hindu temples and other ancient sacred sites, such as the famous Elephant Cave and the 13th-century Pura Maospahit.

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