Road to MotoGP Mandalika 2022: Marine Vessels Prepared as Homestays and Floating Hotels

- 13 January 2022 20:11 WIB
Commander of the Mandalika Circuit Hadi Tjahjanto
Commander of the Mandalika Circuit Hadi Tjahjanto

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Former Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, and current Field Commander of the Mandalika Circuit, Hadi-Tjahjanto">Hadi Tjahjanto said on Thursday that boats and ships will be prepared as accommodations during the MotoGP 2022 racing event. 

Hadi added that they have also prepared a ship from PT Pelayaran Indonesia to be used as a 'floating hotel.' However, these accommodations are optional. There are at least 301 homestays in the Mandalika Area, and 98 in Gili Trawangan.

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According to Hadi, no less than 65,000 tickets will be sold for the racing event. More than what was available during the World Superbike event, which only availed 12,500 tickets.

Ample rooms will be needed in order to accommodate the ambitious amount of potential guests coming to the racing event.

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"The ideal hotel is able to accommodate 65,000 rooms. Meanwhile, in Lombok alone there are only 16,000 rooms. This means that we will fulfill the shortfall by bringing in four Pelni ships. Each ship has a capacity of 1,000 rooms. We dock this Pelni ship at Lembar Harbor," said Hadi.

Apart from being owned by Pelni, the Pinisi ship was also used. At least 200 ships with a capacity of 12 rooms will be brought in.

"For the Pinisi ship, it will be placed in the Gili Mas port area. Because in this area the pool is rather quiet. At the Gili Mas port, there will also be a shuttle bus service," said Hadi.

Not only in Lombok, Hadi even mentioned the plan to provide a kind of commuter flight for those who choose hotels in Bali.


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