Indonesian Youtuber Ria Ricis Angers Viewers for Taking Her Child on a Jetski Without a Vest

- 01 February 2023 20:20 WIB

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Celebrity and Youtuber Ria Ricis received backlash from the public recently when she uploaded a video of herself and her child on a jetski.

In the video, Ria and her infant child were riding on a jetski without a lifevest, meanwhile holding her child with only one hand.

The video uploaded to her channel with 30.9 million subscribers infuriated her viewers, who accused her and her husband Teuku Ryan of negligence

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The Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) has opened up on this matter.
Plt. Deputy of Fulfillment of Child Rights of the Ministry of PPPA, Rini Handayani said that good parenting is a child's right.

Therefore, it is important to apply child rights-based care in educating, caring for, and providing good protection.

"Children's rights-based care is an effort based on children's rights to meet the needs for affection, attachment, safety, and well-being. Permanent and sustainable for the best interests of the child," said Rini in an official statement, quoted from the ministry's website, Wednesday, February 1 2023.

According to him, every child's right is a responsibility for the state, family, and parents, and it must be fulfilled. In the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), it is stated that every child has the right to be cared for by his own parents.

However, when parents are unable to carry out their responsibilities. Then the responsibility shifts according to the provisions of the legislation.

"However, in fact there are still many parents who neglect the upbringing of children's rights. Among other things, for the sake of content, children suddenly stop passing trucks filled with sand," he said.

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"There was a case where a mother uploaded a video clip of her child riding a jet ski without wearing a life jacket and only being carried in one hand. This includes the kidnapping of a 9-year-old girl who was kidnapped in early December 2022," he continued.

Rini added, in Indonesia, 4 out of 100 young children have received improper care (Early Childhood Profile, 2021). The percentage of young children who have received improper care is around 3.73 percent in 2018.

"And decreased to 3.64 percent in 2020. In the Child Protection Index, Indonesia has a 2024 target of 3.47 percent," he said again. (***)


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