Sukabumi Ratifies Sustainable Inland Fisheries Regulation    

- 17 January 2023 07:40 WIB
Signing ceremony on Sustainable Fisheries Management ratification in Sukabumi. (Photo/FAO Indonesia)
Signing ceremony on Sustainable Fisheries Management ratification in Sukabumi. (Photo/FAO Indonesia)

The private sector is also invited to be involved through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) financing, in particular in aquaculture businesses that require special attention for endangered fish and local fish species.

"Formation of strong policies at the district level is very important to support central government programs and policies, especially President Regulation No. 87 of 2021 concerning the development of the Southern Part of West Java Province. And is one of the concrete steps for the local government of Sukabumi District for ecosystem conservation and fish populations—those with high conservation or important economic value. This is of course to ensure the welfare of the people who depend on inland water fisheries," as conveyed by Iyos Somantri, Deputy Regent of Sukabumi District.

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The local government took representatives from MMAF, FAO, and Senior Coordinator for the FAO Global Environment Facility to several IFish Project locations in Sukabumi on 14 and 15 January.

The team witnessed the improvements made and had discussions with the local stakeholders on the best way to conserve inland ecosystems and mainstream sustainable management. In Cimarinjung, the group went to see how fishers captured glass eels and handling procedures, a step crucial for eel survival.

This year the IFish Project will support the implementation the district regulation through community empowerment, collaboration with the private sector through CSR forums for sustainable financing, preparation of participatory inland water conservation area management action plans, as well as improvement of the community's economy through alternative income from aquaculture activities and conservation of inland water fisheries.


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