Kosme Group Launches Jiwater, a Bottled Mineral Water Product Manufactured Using 'Finest' Japanese Technology

- 04 August 2022 13:28 WIB
The Jiwater product launch event. (Photo courtesy of Kosme Group)
The Jiwater product launch event. (Photo courtesy of Kosme Group)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Kosme, a health and beauty products group headquartered in Jakarta and Surabaya, launched its new bottled mineral water called Jiwater.

In a statement sent to JakartaDaily.id, the group, which businesses span from cosmetics to personal health said their Jiwater product has been launched in Indonesia and Japan.

It held a cross-country launch ceremony in the two countries titled "Welcoming the Natural Freshness" on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

The products launch event in Japan, which was done via live stream, presented the Indonesian rock band, Noah, to promote its newest product, which is "produced with the finest Japanese mineral water technology."

"Jiwater comes special because it is processed professionally, using the finest technology from Japan. It offers modern and handy packaging so they are easy to carry into various of activities," said Shandy Purnamasari, the owner of Kosme Group in a press statement.

Shandy said that Jiwater contains healthy minerals that provide benefits to the human body, and skin. She added that Jiwater is manufactured using the latest mineral water processing technology offering 7.5-8 pH, which is believed to be the right level for good health. The pH measures the relative amount of free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in the water.

One of Kosme Group's director, Titis Indah Wahyu said that she and her company hopes that by collaborating with Noah, the public will care more about their health, and what they drink.

"Maintaining health is absolute in life. This can start with consuming healthy mineral water. Jiwater is here to remind all, that preserving our body by consuming healthy mineral water is important," she said.

Kosme Grup, which has manufacturing facilities in Jakarta, Malang (East Java), and Surabaya (East Java), claimed its new innovation that presents futuristic bottles in 500 milliliters and 250 milliliters will appeal to the Millenials. 


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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