Erick Thohir's Way of Keeping Health Workers from Being Forgotten After Covid Subsides  

- 25 January 2022 12:18 WIB
Erick Thohir
Erick Thohir

JAKARTADAILY.ID – There are quite a few heartbreaking stories experienced by health workers in Indonesia who have to serve the community in the midst of limitations, especially those who work in disadvantaged, outermost, and frontier areas.

"We want health workers not to feel forgotten after Covid-19. I've asked SOEs to help nurses and midwives who have been very instrumental in helping millions of Indonesians not only from the Covid virus but also other diseases that endanger their health and lives," said the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, after symbolically handing over the Appreciation for Health Workers in Sukabumi City, West Java, last weekend in an event that was hosted by BNI

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According to Erick, SOEs have CSR programs that are continuously being improved to make them more targeted, one of which is CSR in the health sector. This time, the SOE that realized this mandate in appreciating health workers was BNI, especially health workers in areas far from health facilities.

"Therefore, please help pray for SOEs, including BNI, to continue their business," said Erick.

This time, BNI gave its appreciation to hundreds of nurses and midwives spread across 17 BNI areas. Two of them received direct appreciation during the event, namely Midwife Mayang Permatasari, and Nurse Adhitya Tegar Pambudhi.

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This symbolic handover was also witnessed by the Mayor of Sukabumi Achmad Fahmi and the Director of Institutional Relations of BNI Sis Apik Wijayanto. As well as representatives of health workers in 17 BNI work areas in Indonesia virtually.

Erick hopes that this appreciation can improve the worries of nurses and midwives during this time. All SOEs including BNI in the future will be encouraged to not only distribute CSR but make this program more targeted to address more specific and sustainable problems.

"We want to keep activities as this maintained. Don't let us just come when we ask for help and forget when the pandemic is over. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the struggles of nurses and midwives who ensure public health. For me, nurses and midwives are heroes in the government's efforts to fight the pandemic," added Erick. (*)


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