Garuda Indonesia Wins Judicial Release Lawsuit in Paris Court Against Greylag 1410 and 1446

- 17 February 2023 14:54 WIB
President Director of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra.  (Garuda Indonesia)
President Director of Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra. (Garuda Indonesia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - The Paris Civil Court decided that the national airline Garuda Indonesia won a judicial release lawsuit filed by a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia Holiday France (GIHF) over the legal steps taken by the lessor of the Greylag 1410 and Greylag 1446 aircraft regarding the "Provisional Attachment" or temporary confiscation of GIHF accounts in 2020.

This legal step is a series of legal efforts by Greylag 1410 and Greylag 1446 which have previously been taken in a number of countries and have been rejected by the legal authorities of each country concerned.

Through the judicial release decision, the Paris Civil Court granted full acquittal to the temporary confiscation of GIHF's account which was previously submitted by Greylag 1410 and Greylag 1446, and ordered the two lessors to pay GIHF 230,000 euros, in connection with damages and costs incurred related to legal action. the.

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The basis for consideration of the Paris Civil Court's decision is that the temporary confiscation application submitted by the two lessors does not have a strong legal basis, bearing in mind that there is a Peace Agreement which has been ratified by the Commercial Court at the Central Jakarta Court and has permanent legal force, including against Greylag 1410 and Greylag 1446 .

The main director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, said that the restructuring that was successfully completed by Garuda Indonesia had gone through a lengthy discussion process with all creditors in accordance with applicable law. For this reason, I hope this matter can be addressed wisely by the parties involved, namely by respecting existing legal provisions.

"The existence of attempts to act against the law through various lawsuits filed by the two lessors is of course an action that is very unfortunate and contrary to the spirit of synergy between Garuda Indonesia and all its stakeholders, and hinders the pace of accelerating the Company's performance which in this case concerns the interests of the majority of creditors," explained Irfan in an official statement, Jakarta, Thursday, 16 February 2023.

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Therefore, Irfan emphasized that the winning of the judicial release by the Paris Civil Court was a reflection of Garuda's commitment to continue to strengthen the legal basis for restructuring business obligations, particularly through various follow-ups on ongoing legal efforts, in line with the dynamics of restructuring involving all stakeholders. This aims to ensure that steps to fulfill obligations to creditors can run continuously in line with the Company's focus on strengthening its increasingly solid business ecosystem with all its business partners.

"We have also confirmed this commitment through follow-up legal action against the two lessors regarding the tort lawsuit that was registered at the Central Jakarta District Court at the end of 2022," he said.

Previously, Garuda Indonesia had also won a number of legal processes over lawsuits filed by Greylag Goose Leasing 1410 Designated Activity Company and Greylag Goose Leasing 1446 Designated Activity Company, such as an appeal to the Supreme Court (MA) and a winding up lawsuit in court in Australia which were rejected. related legal authorities, as well as a judicial liquidation lawsuit against GIHF, which at the same time strengthens Garuda Indonesia's legal position.

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This legal decision, which was followed by various other legal stages in a number of countries, further emphasized Garuda Indonesia's legal basis for the restructuring steps being carried out.

"This brings our own optimism in maximizing Garuda Indonesia's transformation mission to become a more agile and adaptive company, as well as to represent the commitment and support of all stakeholders, especially the majority of creditors, who have the same visions for the solidity of business ecosystem collaboration in the phase The restructuring has been completed."


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