Indonesia's Latest Crackdown on Online Gambling: When the Pursuit of Money, Power, and Women Unveils Secrets

- 22 August 2022 21:50 WIB
Illustration of online gambling and pictures of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo (center), AKP Rita Yuliana and the late Brigadier J. (Photo courtesy of Freepik, Instagram)
Illustration of online gambling and pictures of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo (center), AKP Rita Yuliana and the late Brigadier J. (Photo courtesy of Freepik, Instagram)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – In the wake of the police-on-police premeditated murder case, unconfirmed rumors linking police generals as "backers" of online gambling rings have surfaced.

In response to this, the Indonesian government, through the National Police, is cracking down on online gambling by targeting its operators in the country.

The case of the premeditated torture and murder of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat, known publicly as Brigadier J, at the official residence of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo sparked speculations that the two-starred general may have been involved in backing online gambling business and even managing crystal methamphetamine rings.

Ferdy Sambo, the former internal affairs division head at the National Police and his wife Putri Chandrawati have been named as suspects in the premeditated murder of Brigadier J.'s special report about the mystery of the Death of Brigadier J is available here: The Death of Brigadier J.

New secrets unveiled

Kamaruddin Simanjuntak, the lawyer hired by Brigadier J's family, once said he called on the National Police to investigate Sambo's involvement in backing online gambling and crystal meth rings.

"Someone gave me information that this (murder) has something to do with gambling and crystal meth rings," he said in Jakarta on August 10, 2022.

Previously, Ferdy Sambo confessed that he masterminded the death of Brigadier J, but the police never unveiled whether Sambo, now detained, ever commented on his other allegations.

Graphics that illustrate Sambo along with some other police generals receiving "gratifications" from some bosses of online gambling operators, have been widely circulated on social media platforms.

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The graphic depicted Sambo ruling an "Empire of the 303 Consortium" alongside other police generals.

The name Consortium 303, which recently became a trending topic on Twitter, refers to a Consortium of businesses believed to be behind some large online gambling sites operating in Indonesia, where Islam is the majority and gambling is considered haram.

Code 303 itself refers to Article 303 of the Criminal Code concerning gambling.

Previously, news about Sambo being involved in an affair with a young policewoman also fits into the eternal pursuit of "money, power, and women," that may have plagued the integrity of the once modest police force. AKP Rita Yuliana, the young police officer rumored to have an affair with Sambo has denied the news.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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