Muhammad Lutfi's Statement on Cooking Oils Leads to President Jokowi - Rocky Gerung

- 18 March 2022 19:37 WIB
Muhammad Lutfi (Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Trade)
Muhammad Lutfi (Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Trade)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - Observers mentioned the name of President Joko Widodo as the impact of Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi's statement.

Previously, Muhammad Lutfi has been absent from the DPR's meetings, then he finally decided to come after he was threatened with the possibility of forced summoning. During the meeting with Commission IV of the DPR, Muhammad Lutfi apologized for not being able to overcome the cooking oil problem and control the greed from the actors behind this.

In his statement, Muhammad Lutfi also admitted that he has limited powers and legal foundation in investigating the cooking oils mafia, thus he asked the National Police Food Task Force to investigate.

His statement stole the public's attention labeled him as a minister who can't resolve the cooking oil mafia issue. However, these remarks later became a concern for political observers, Rocky Gerung.

According to Rocky Gerung, it is natural for individuals as economic beings to seek profit.

"We have to talk about macro [landscape], don't blame people's character. Do ministers have the social [essence]? It's the same way that all ministers maintain the oligarchy. All ministers have cartels," said Rocky, as quoted from his YouTube channel.

Rocky conveyed that the remarks uttered by Muhammad Lutfi were also directed to Jokowi's cabinet ministers.

"So [the cabinets] are also called the greedy cabinet because the same oligarchy ordered it. So again, one should not mix knowledge with people's character," said Rocky Gerung.

Rocky also considered the statement that mentioned President Jokowi.

"In that case, President Jokowi is also greedy because from the start. He didn't want to solve this. In other words, President Jokowi can profit from problems like this. That is if you follow the oligarchic theory," Rocky concluded.

The article was translated from's article titled "Ucapan Mendag Soal Minyak Goreng di DPR Curi Perhatian, Nama Jokowi Disinggung".

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Editor: Djauhari Effendi


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